We are mountains. We are sea.
We are relatives. We are professionals.
We are young. We are old.
We are storm. We are calm.

We are all-terrain.

HIGHLIGHTS 17-20/12/2022

At Christmas the Palamós Christmas Race returns...

Welcome to Palamós Esportiu

An idyllic natural environment, first-class sports facilities and reference services in the province, make Palamós a privileged destination for sports lovers. Don’t miss the most outstanding sports activities in Palamós!

Rediscover our natural environment
The Trail Center Palamós Empordà Costa Brava has designed a set of routes for different sports
and with varying levels of difficulty.

Compete 24h/365 days of the year
Participate whenever you want and as often as you want in the circuits of the Palamós Virtual Races, recording your race with a smartphone.

HIGHLIGHTS 18/12/22 - 08/01/23

Participate in the virtuelles courses of Palamós and participate in the selection of different gift packs